Livingstones, I Presume?

Livingstones Supply Co (LSC) uniquely provides a full spectrum of products aimed directly at the hospitality market, that have been thoroughly “tried and tested”. With a background of 23 years retail and hospitality experience, we strive to be industry leaders and a benchmark in wholesale for the hospitality industry.

Mission Statement

We strive to provide the highest level of service to our customers,  through our wide range of tried and tested products at competitive prices.

On a Mission

We pride ourselves in delivering intelligent, valuable information to you through our newsletters. We do not pass on our customers information to anybody. By signing up to our newsletter we promise to deliver credible information, industry news and product updates to your inbox for free! We encourage contributions to this newsletter such as interest pieces, local events and industry news. Please submit these with images to

Why we identify with Dr Livingstone

Dr Livingstone had mythic status, being a revolutionary in Africa and one of the most popular international heroes of the Late 19th Century. He was a martyr, scientific investigator, explorer and anti slavery crusader. He was idolized by those that he met. Doctor Livingstone’s meeting with H.M. Stanley gave rise to the popular quotation, “Dr Livingstone, I presume?” You’ll recognize that quotation from around our site. We feel his identity is worthy of associating our working philosophy with and it’s what makes us a company you want to engage with.

Wholesale and Trade Business
We have special relationships with our manufacturers and because of this we are able to offer fantastic prices to those customers that are interested in buying products in bulk. In today’s competitive climate, every business needs to purchase at the best prices. Take advantage of our wholesale pricing by registering on our website. This service is only available to registered hospitality businesses. After your request has been approved you will receive an email notifying you and the prices will instantly, “magically” change to reflect our trade (wholesale) prices on our website when you are logged in. Terms and Conditions apply, applications are subject to approval.

Tell us what you think
A customer focus is the key to our success. We encourage interaction through many portals, it is what continues our ‘tried and tested’ theory. Feel free to leave ratings and comments on products, email us with suggestions for new products or products that you have tried and tested and would like us to stock. We would also like you to contribute toward our industry newsletter “On A Mission”, send us stories with images of something newsworthy and we will include it. If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact us to talk about them.