Advanced First Aid Bag

R3,793 Excl. Vat

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Our First Aid Kits, are designed with carefully chosen products to ensure that your Establishment is prepared for almost every incident that may occur.Blue Pouch8 x Gloves pair2 x Respaid CPR Mouthpeice Complete1 x BVM adult silicone- autoclavable1 x Cervical collar- adult2 x Bag waste red self seal 300 x 350mmYellow Pouch1 x Thermometer digital1 x Paracetemol tablets 20’s pack1 x JP Pectin K Suspension 100ml1 x Eye drops- Refresh 30’s pack5 x Glucose Gel 25gm1 x Deepheat 75gm tube1 x Eno Tums tablets 24’s pack1 x Stingose Spray/Gel 25mlOrange Pouch1 x Sodium Chloride 0.9% 1000ml bag- IV1 x Cannula 14g with port- admin set1 x Cannula 16g with port- admin set1 x Eye bath spray clean top Red2 x Eye pad/shield 2’s pack1 x Head lampBlack Pouch1 x Savlon 250ml1 x Povidine Iodene 25g tube1 x Scissors operating sharp 150mm1 x Rescue scissors 19mm1 x Forcep S/S Splinter 16cm4 x Epiderm 5/card Steri Strips1 x Plaster adhesive 25mm x 3m Elastoplast1 x Plaster anti-allergy 25mm x 5m Micropore10 x Wipe antiseptic2 x Swabs sterile 5’s pack1 x Elastoplast plasters 100’s pack4 x FAD dressing no. 3 medium stretch 75 x 1004 x FAD dressing no. 5 large2 x FAD Trauma Pad4 x Alcohol swabs1 x Burn Gel2 x Cotton wool 50grGreen Pouch4 x Triangular bandage with safety pins4 x Bandage stretch 75mm Trident4 x Crepe bandage 100mm4 x Stretch bandage 150mm1 x Cold pack1 x Safety pins 12’s pack2 x Mandy Plastic SplintsRed Pouch1 x Swabs non sterile 75×75 100’s pack1 x Blanket Rescue/Emergency Trident1 x BP Cuff1 x Stethoscope D/Tube D/Bell