BC Victorinox Knife Set – 14 Piece in Case

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Victorinox has long been a favourite cutlery company in business kitchens where sharpness and sturdiness are crucial. light-weight nonetheless balanced to scale back tiring over extended use, the knives retain their sharp edges and are readily resharpened when necessary. Forschner recommends laundry the knives by hand although they are dishwasher-safe, and covers the set with a lifetime warranty against defects.Victorinox Knife Set 14 Piece in Case consists of:- COOKS KNIFE- PARING KNIFE- BONING KNIFE- SHARPENING STEEL- CARVING KNIFE- CARVING FORK- PASTRY KNIFE- SPATULA- SHAPING KNIFE- POTATO PEELER- MELON BALLER- LEMON DECORATER- LEMON ZESTER- KITCHEN/PARING KNIFE