Bean There Coffee 250g Rwanda

R78 Excl. Vat

  • Certified Fairtrade. Certified Organic
  • Minimum Order – 6 x 250g

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High in the breath-taking hills of Rwanda’s Northern Province, we met the industrious coffee farmers from the Musasa region. At breath-taking altitudes, the views are just as impressive as their dedication to making a perfect coffee using innovative production processes.

We source our coffee from the farmers of the Dukunde Kawa Cooperative and pay them directly, ensuring a fair trade that keeps their business sustainable and ours meaningful.

This single origin coffee has a rich fruity aroma with a lively acidity and is balanced by a creamy toffee flavour.  This specialty coffee is optimally roasted in South Africa to deliver a taste as rich as the continent it comes from.

This fully washed coffee is grown at altitudes of between 2000 – 2200 metres above sea level and is of the Cofea Arábica Bourbon varietals.


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