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An abundance of cultures and 11 official languages makes interacting with South Africans very complicated. While you’re wondering why someone behaves so strangely, they may be thinking the same thing about you!We need practical guidance to help us understand our diverse cultures, and ‘Rainbow Nation Navigation’ offers exactly that. In this book you’ll find… – background information on each culture – interesting facts about beliefs, rituals and ceremonies – general etiquette guidelines (what to do and what not to do) – essential phrases in all 11 official languages – quick reference guides so you’ll be culturally clued-up at work and also when greeting, giving or receiving – an overview of milestones like weddings and funerals, including tips for guests – a glossary to clarify any confusing terms – advice on some of the best ways to experience the different cultures …and much more! Whether you’re a business person, proudly South African or a tourist interested in learning more about us, ‘Rainbow Nation Navigation’ will provide you with all you need to know to interact and socialise comfortably with all South Africans.