CLEARANCE Conversations with Myself – N. Mandela

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Conversations with Myself isn’t so much a book as a literary album, containing snippets of Mandela’s life, shards from diaries, calendars, letters, and also transcripts from 50 hours of recordings by Richard Stengel, who ghosted Mandela’s autobiography Long Walk to Freedom (and is now editor of Time magazine). It also contains passages from an autobiography Mandela had been working on himself, in moments snatched here and there, but has finally abandoned, and allowed to be folded into this volume.If that all sounds somewhat scattershot and untidy, oddly it’s not. The book is intensely moving, raw and unmediated, told in real time with all the changes in perspective that brings, over the years, mixing the prosaic with the momentous. Health concerns, dreams, political initiatives spill out together, to provide the fullest picture yet of Mandela.’The book is intensely moving, raw and unmediated… mixing the prosaic with the momentous’ –Peter Godwin, Observer’An intimate journey from the first stirrings of his political conscience to his galvanising role on the world stage, offering a rare chance to spend time with Nelson Mandela the man, in his own voice – direct, clear, private.’ –Oxford Times