Baby Bronze Rechargeable Lantern

R1,547 Excl. Vat

  • Dimensions: 17cm high
  • Time to recharge – 8 hours
  • Run time – 10-12 hours
  • NO fire hazard
  • NO Smell of paraffin OR Lamp Oil
  • NO need for daily cleaning of lantern glass from soot
  • Less potential of glass breakage
  • NO mechanism or wick issues.

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This gorgeous little lantern has all the qualities of the standard rechargeable lantern.

We developed our Dietz rechargeable lanterns with Lithium Ion batteries for sustainability, reliability and lifespan, each battery pack has the ability to be drained fully and then recharged fully between 300-500 times.

Standard Batteries never last long and usually end up polluting landfill sites, this is something we do not to subscribe to.


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