FT Newbone Classic 25cm Round Rim Plate

R80 Excl. Vat

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Newbone Classic range embodies quality and refinement. Sculptured in white porcelain and available in a number of styles, shapes and textures on offer enable unique table settings, and a creative display to any table. Can be intergrated with our Newbone Concord Range.Newbone is made from the finest white clay. The material is derived from natural sources only, and does not contain any animal bone ash which makes the product suitable for anyone with religious or animal welfare concerns, and is stronger than bone china.Individual pieces are lightweight & translucent, while offering the strength required of a genuine catering product. Fully Vitrified: Low water absorption rates and excellent thermal shock resistance Scratch Resistant: Homogenous, tough glaze enhances resistance to scratching Hardwearing: New Bone is stronger and more durable that bone china Environmentally Friendly: Clay is derived from natural sources and does not contain any animal bone ash Heat retentive: High firing temperatures provide excellent heat retention properties Appliance suitability: Microwave and Dishwasher safe