HD U-Test Rapid Test Detection Kit for Malaria x25

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U –Test Rapid Test Detection Kit for Malaria – 25 QTY Test Kit Includes: 25 x test cassette 25 x empty pipette 25 x Medlancet (“finger pricker”) 25 x alcohol / sterile swab 1 x 5 pipette with debutant for 25 tests 1 x instruction manualWhat is a rapid diagnostic malaria screening test and how does it work?The principle of the rapid diagnostic screening test relies on the capture of the Plasmodium histidine rich protein that is secreted by infected red cells. This antigen can be detected in red blood cells, serum, plasma cerebrospinal fluid and urine of patients infected by the malaria parasite.A rapid diagnostic screening test is available from your pharmacy to screen for malaria. This test allows you to take care of your health while out there enjoying yourself or working in an endemic malaria area.U – Test Malaria Kits are a qualitative rapid test for the detection of Plasmodium.These tests use Medlancets. These are single use lancets that have been designed for capillary blood sampling and are ideal for avoiding needle stick injury at home, in doctors’ practices, laboratories, hospitals, clinics and occupational health settings.U – Test Medlancets:Ultra safe Single use, self- destructing device that cannot be re- used The needle is hidden before and after use to prevent needle stick injuries and cross infection Sterilized with Gamma irradiationMinimal pain Ultra thin and ultra sharp, silicone coated needle Needle is optimally positioned during skin penetration – the linear needle tracking eliminates the needle vibrations to reduce pain and prevent tissue damage Green lancet provides 2.4mm penetration depthVery easy to use Comfortable micro- sampling for both professionals and patients Lancet is ergonomically shaped with a reliable contact activation mechanism that makes blood collection a simple process, no pre-loading is requiredEfficient Adequate blood volume – the lancet has a “technique independent” design ensuring an adequate blood flow at a minimal pain level Guaranteed to only lance once!