SY Candola Lamp Oil 60A (40 Hrs) Pack of 24

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Candola uses a bottle, which is filled with a special totally odourless mineral oil. The wick soaks up the mineral oil from the container and delivers a candle light without smoke and soot. Thus, there is no melted wax as with candles – and consequently no wax residue. Right to the very last drop of oil, the lamp looks as if it was being used for the very first time Another advantage for restaurants. The oil bottle is hidden under a decorative sleeve. This also guarantees a positive safety side effect. When the lamp tips over the flame goes out immediately. However, apart from these purely functional aspects, the success of Candola is based on the product development. Candola lamps are available in many different models and designs. Costing Per Hour : R 0.64c per hour of burning FOUR ARGUMENTS AND ADVANTAGES 1st Advantage: CANDOLA is convenient and easy to handle. The flame neither smokes nor forms soot. Unlike other products the special liquid used in CANDOLA fuel cells is odourless. When empty – just order new CANDOLA refills at your local distributor and remember that the empty CANDOLA refill is fully recyclable. CANDOLA always ensures a clean tablecloth unlike candles which cause wax strains. 2nd Advantage: CANDOLA is safe. Our CANDOLA system not only creates a friendly/intimate atmosphere but guarantees safety. If accidently knocked over, the flame of the CANDOLA refill extinguishes itself immediately and within seconds its function can be fully restored. Remember that the CANDOLA refill is not pressured 3rd Advantage: CANDOLA is economical and efficient. Compared with ordinary candles CANDOLA saves time and money: Depending on the size CANDOLA refills can burn anything up to 110 hours. CANDOLA refills are easy to replace. CANDOLA keeps your tablecloth clean and doesn´t cause any damages even when the liquid is accidently split over a table. 4th Advantage – Mosquito/Insect Repellant Candola Fuel cells are available in Mosquito Stop which, while creating a candlelight ambience, performs as an odourless insect repellent.