SY Candola Tartufo Silver with 065 Glass

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‘- CANDOLA Permanent Candle Light burns a special patented oil, which is clear, odourless, smoke-free, and longer pan lasting than ordinary candles – CANDOLA fuel cells are available in MOSQUITO STOP which, while creating a candlelight ambiance, performs as an odourless insect repellent as well – The product burns exceptionally long with a single fuel cell – If the lamp is knocked over, the flame will extinguish automatically – The fuel will not burn outside of the cell should it mess, there is no fire hazard – The flame is clean burning no black soot – No messy wax left on the tables or tablecloths – No messy candle holders that need wax scraped out to be cleaned – CANDOLA Lamps are attractive and elegant, and as they do not burn themselves down, they stay aesthetically  pleasing – The concept is cost effective CANDOLA fuel cells can be stored safely and without air- conditioning – The Lamps are available in different styles and colours to suit any particular theme or décor – The Lamps are manufactured according to standards of high quality – CANDOLA Lamp bases need not be polished as a special lacquering which ensures a constant shine covers them – The glass globes are dishwasher proof