Sustainable Focus

At Livingstones Supply Co. we have a passion for conservation, the environment and sustainable utilisation of our scarce and renewable resources. We actively participate in initiatives to put this into practice, sourcing sustainable and environmentally friendly products, continually looking at new ways to improve ourselves in-house and how we can contribute toward other projects that have the same goals as us.

We know that our business activity, from lighting our store to packaging our products creates pollution as a by-product. We work steadily to reduce those harms. We use a number of recycling methods in house and actively seek out sustainable products and any revolutionary methods of production that reduce emissions.


We recycle paper, cardboard and glass at collection points throughout our store and drop them off at the recycling point just across the road from us.

Low energy

We have converted all of our lighting in the showroom to low watt energy saving bulbs, substantially reducing our consumption.

Organic food waste reuse

As far as possible, we recycle all organic matter (like vegetable peels, fruit peels, tea and coffee grinds into our worm farms.) Worm farms (known as “Worm Factories”) convert organic waste into nutrient-rich compost, which we use around our grounds. There is a lot of information around about these natural wonders, if you would like more information about the Worm Factory, please get in touch.

Sustainable, reused packaging

We use recycled materials where possible for our packaging, like boxes, packaging materials, inks and dies.

We recommend sustainable products

All of our “green products” carry our Sustainable stamp. We also list country of manufacture on all of our products so that you know how far your purchase has traveled (we try to keep it local, but this is not always possible for quality reasons).

We have made it our mission to source tried and tested products that are the best in their category and where possible offer alternative sustainable products. We are sure you already know that sustainable product alternatives are not always available, we will continue to add to our range as they become available. We aim to supply products that will enable you to offer a sustainable and environmentally friendly service to your guests.

Involvement with EWT

We have partnered with the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT), a non profit conservation organisation founded in 1973 which operates throughout southern Africa. They conserve threatened species and ecosystems in the region by initiating research and conservation action programmes and implementing projects which mitigate threats facing species diversity and supporting sustainable natural resource management. The EWT furthermore communicates the principles of sustainable living through awareness programmes to the broadest possible constituency for the benefit of the region. A part of the proceeds of all of our sales goes towards supporting EWT projects throughout the region. By buying from us you help to contribute to this very worthy cause and we encourage you to check up on these programmes developments through our news page On a Mission.

EWT’s Current conservation activities:

African Crane Conservation Programme (EWT-ACCP)

In partnership with the International Crane Foundation (ICF), the African Crane Programme focuses on securing and improving the conservation status of Africa’s four resident crane species and the wetland and grassland habitats upon which they depend. This is achieved through working with local communities to improve their knowledge about cranes and wetlands and trigger positive changes in attitudes towards these birds and their habitats. We promote alternative livelihood options that are not damaging to wetlands, such as beekeeping, and are also working with communities to fight the illegal trade in cranes, as this poses a real threat to these fragile birds.

For more information on these conservation activities click on the programme name and you will be redirected to the EWT website where you can read further.

Our Philosophy

As we have said before, our philosophy is to provide the highest level of service to the hospitality industry via our product offering and our contributions. Our aim is to provide our offering in the most user friendly style possible. The approach we take towards products, stock and product design demonstrates our favouring for simplicity and utility. We will continuously strive to stay true to our core values in the lifetime of this business, which our twenty plus years of experience in the industry will help us to achieve. Our focus on making the best products possible available to the market is endless.